10 Tips for Quitting Smoking with E Cigarettes

Replacing tobacco cigarettes with a vape pen is one of the best things I have ever done. Having been a 20-a-day smoker for the best part of four decades, I was so sick and tired of waking up and coughing my lungs out. Every day I felt tired and lethargic, and could barely climb a flight of stairs without feeling out of breath. My teeth were irrevocably yellowed and I couldn’t bare the way my breath, fingers and hair stank. It seemed no matter how many times I brushed my teeth at night, I’d still wake up with a mouth like an ashtray.

With e cigarettes, it is the opposite. I no longer cough, as they contain none of the lethal tar, I don’t smell as they give off very little odour and I no longer feel constantly out of breath.

I’ve now been tobacco free for 8 months thanks to e cigarettes, and although it is by far the most effective way I’ve found to quit, there are still a number of tips every smoker should take on board before making the switch to vaping, to give you the best chance of quitting possible.

1.       Find a nicotine level which is appropriate for you.

You can buy e-liquid in a wide variety of different nicotine strengths, ranging from nicotine free to 2.4mg strength. Stopping smoking is all about replacing your source of nicotine, as it is not actually the nicotine in cigarettes which is harmful, rather the many deadly chemicals released when burning tobacco.

Therefore, you need to find an e-liquid with enough strength to curb your cravings so that you don’t immediately revert to tobacco cigarettes. There is a good guide here which will help you match nicotine strength to your past vaping habits.

2.       Find a flavour that suits you

As a smoker, when I first started vaping I spent ages trying to find a flavour which matched the Marlboro Golds I was so used to smoking, but to no avail. Unfortunately, there are very few e liquids out there which really nail a specific flavour, so I think it is definitely worth exploring the thousands of different vaping flavours out there!

Fancy a Tiramisu flavour vape? You can get it! Peanut butter and banana? There’s an e-liquid out there that tastes just like it.

You can browse a huge range of amazing e juices online, or even go to your local vaping shop where you can try out loads of different flavours.

3.       Invest in a Good Clearomizer

Yes, it is possible to buy a vape pen (or worse, a ciga-like) for under £10 at your local corner shop, but this doesn’t mean that it will be good at all. One of the main reasons many people revert back to cigarettes from vaping is because they bought a poor quality e-cig and were given a bad impression of vaping.

With bad clearomizers, the atomizer is likely to burn out quickly, which will make your vape taste like burning and give it an intolerable harsh edge. You’ll be using your new e-cig a lot, especially if you were a heavy smoker, so it is imperative that you buy good gear which is reliable and will last.

Here’s a good list of the best clearomizers on the market and another list of the best ecig starter kits from the same website.

4.       Invest in A Good Battery

A good battery is just as important as a good tank, as a weak, low powered batter will not give you enough electricity to produce good vapour. Even worse, a poor battery will not have enough longevity to last a full day of vaping, which could mean having to buy cigarettes when you run out.

Get a battery with at least a 4v output (variable voltage batteries are even better) and with at least a 900mAh rating, which should last through a day’s normal vaping.

5.       Always Carry a Spare Battery

When out and about, you won’t always be able to find a place to charge your battery, which means that on nights out or long days away from home you will inevitably run out of charge sooner or later. If you are unable to vape, it makes the chances of you smoking tobacco much higher, so always carry a spare battery, or a portable charger with you, to avoid this scenario.

6.       Find a Nearby E Juice Retailer

I prefer to buy my e-liquid online, as it is often much cheaper, but it does mean that you need to wait for it to be delivered, which can take as long as a week. In an ideal world, we’d all be organised enough to buy e-liquid long before we run out, but I know I have certainly forgotten in the past and been left dry.

For this reason, it is important to find either a local vape shop, or even a corner shop which sells e liquid, to tide you over if you do run out. While the e liquids sold from corner shops will not be of the same high quality as dedicated e liquid brands you find online, they’ll do fine when in a tight spot.

7.       Keep Track of How Much Money You’re Saving

Vaping is significantly cheaper than smoking, and as I stopped, I found it a great motivating exercise to keep track of how much I was saving by switching to vaping. I worked out how much I spent on tobacco products a month, and then kept track of my e-cig spending. Some months I’d save as much as £50, which I would then put towards a night out and dinner with my wife, or a special treat for the kids!

8.       Learn How to Change Atomizer Before you Need To

Over time, the atomizer in your ecig will need to be changed as the coil and wick will burn out. You’ll notice a decrease in vapour production, flavour and perhaps even a subtle burnt taste.

For an average vaper, they’ll need to replace the atomizer once every fortnight or so. It is important that you understand how to do this properly and how to prime a new head, as failure to do so can burn the atomizer out before you’ve even started using it!

9.       Join Online Communities

Learning how to get the most out of vaping can take a while, and it is quite a steep learning curve with so much high-tech gear out there. I found it super useful to find good communities and forums online where experienced vapers can help answer questions and guide you.

As well as this, they are an excellent place to pick up recommendations on new ejuices and good gear.

I recommend www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette

10.   Try Just One Drag of a Tobacco Cigarette After a Month

I knew that I had finally broken smoking’s hold on me when, after a month of not smoking and only using an ecig, I drunkenly had a toke on a friend’s cigarette at the pub.

I could not believe how awful it tasted and how ill it made me feel, even though I was taking in just as much nicotine as when I smoked. It just hammered home just how full of toxins and pollutants cigarettes are.

I found it impossible to take another drag on his cigarette because it tasted so bad!

So, after having not smoked for a month or more, I urge you to try for yourself to see just how bad cigarettes taste in comparison – it was a big motivator for me to not smoke again!

Are ecigarettes dangerous or not?

There are many ongoing debates about how safe are ecigarettes and whether they are really that much better from the traditional cigarettes. If the vaping community and their popular opinion be taken into account, ecigarettes eliminate all the health hazards that are posed by common tobacco cigarettes. Instead of turning to nicotine patches in order to quit smoking, nowadays, one has simply to “vape” their way out of this bad habit. Most of the scientific research has proven that it is the smoke in normal cigarettes that cause most harm to your body. Based on this study it has been established that ecigarettes are harmless compared to tobacco cigarettes. But are ecigarettes really created in a way that can evade falling victims to harmful and possibly chronic diseases such as lung cancer? To understand this, one must find out the mechanism by which ecigarettes work.

How do ecigs function?

Ecigarettes are a pretty complicated design, where a cigarette shaped tube is filled up with a liquid base composed of propylene glycol and glycerol, which are both relatively safe. This liquid is mixed with nicotine and some flavoring agent that varies from one ecig to the other. The nicotine used in these electronic cigarettes is very close to the form of nicotine used in normal cigarettes that are made of tobacco. Ecigs run on batteries, which help in vaporizing the liquid inside the ecigarettes, so that when one inhales the aerosols, one is under the impression and feel of smoking a cigarette due to the nicotine present in it, without actually coming in contact with any of the smoke that a traditional cigarette gives off.

The battle of fog and smoke

All the non-believers in the newly launched concept of vaping have voiced their less than enthusiastic remarks that ecigs, if not removed completely from the market, will gradually turn into nothing but the “new, cool drug” that every teenager wants to get their hands on in order to impress their peers. According to them, vaping is nothing but another and hip and happening way to promote smoking among minors. However, there is also the vaping community which strongly disagrees with the above opinion. According to vapers, ecigarettes are that ultimate incentive that chain smokers need to quit smoking for good. They have gone on further to point out the immense difficulty that any ardent smoker has to initially face when they are trying to stop smoking and ecigs are the healthier alternative to which now smokers can happily turn to.


How to make your own e-liquid

Ecigarettes are becoming quite popular these days with people who quit tobacco for good. The Ecigarette has a cartridge which is filled with E-liquid. This is the liquid that you vape and it gives the vaper the feeling of smoking. Now this E-liquid is made of three components: Nicotine, Flavor concentrates and Diluents which are Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. These three ingredients need to be mixed in the correct proportions for creating the unique flavor and the strength, i.e. If you would want your E-liquid to taste strong or medium. You can buy E-liquids directly from the market but, it saves you a lot of money, if you choose to mix and create your own E-liquid. You can try many customized flavors which will make your experience of vaping better.

Finding the right recipe:

Making your E-liquid deserves devotion and time. How you like your E-liquid depends totally upon your taste buds. So, it is important that you try out a few recipes before zeroing in on one of them. There are many E-liquid recipes available online. Only after you have spent quite some time with trying out several recipes, will you be able to get the ingredients in the correct proportions to churn out that unique flavor. If you are attempting this for the first time, it is better to go for a recipe that has been recommended.

Here is a recipe for people who use the 54mg nicotine base strength to make their E-liquid.

The recipe for 54mg nicotine based E-liquid to get 8mg strength:

You would need these ingredients:

  1. Nicotine base: 30 drops
  2. Propylene Glycol: 65 drops
  3. Vegetable Glycerine: 65 drops
  4. Flavor Concentrate: 40drops

Some additional info:

Mix all of these according to the instructions. You can use syringes to measure the volume of the ingredients. It is best to use different syringes for each ingredient because that is the most hygienic way to go. However, you can also use beakers or count drops for the same purpose. You can take the help of mixing calculators. There are some customized calculators for E-liquid makers available online. You can check them out. Make sure you buy your flavors from trusted sources. Be wary of manufacturers who use sugar, oil or acetocin properties in their flavors. For people who are into a bit of a throat hit, menthol, cinnamon flavors work really good.


How often should you change your E-liquid atomizer

The two main items that are required for smoking Ecigarettes are the E-liquid and the atomizer coils. One big topic of debate is how regularly the coils need to be changed. As there are different factors that decide how long an atomizer coil will go on, the smokers often suffer from this confusion.

What Is An Atomizer Coil?

The replacement coil is known as the Atomizer coil of an Ecigarette. This coil helps in heating the E-liquid; so that it changes into the vapour that you vape. The atomizers can be of both single and dual coils. In case of dual coil atomizers, there are two heating elements which vaporize the E-liquid.

The atomizer heads have three main parts. These are the casing, the coil and the wicking material. This wire takes a coiling shape when it is put around the wicking material. The casing is connected to the battery and the two ends of the wire are, in turn connected with the casing. When you pour in your E-liquid inside the cartridge, it is soaked in by the wicking material. In this way, the coil gets heated up and the E-liquid starts getting vaporized. This vaper is the stuff that you inhale.


How long does an Atomizer coil go on?

Many different factors are responsible in determining how long your atomizer coil will go on. The two things that have a significant role in this are the PG and VG strength of your E-liquid and the acidity level in it. Of course, if you vape very regularly, your coil will run down faster. It also depends in the flavour of your E-liquid. There are some flavours like fruit ones which have a high level of acidity for obvious reasons. So, the atomizer coil will burn out quicker. The Vegetable Glycerin has a part in this too. If you are using an E-liquid which is stronger on the VG side than the PG, then the wicking element of your Ecigarette will get destroyed faster. And the battery factor is to be considered as well. So, the atomizer coil will not last very long if you have to recharge the battery of your Ecigarette very frequently.

How often should you change your atomizer then?

It all comes down to you. The more you vape, the more frequently you will have to change your E-liquid and your atomizer coil. To put it in a different way, the lifespan of your coils depend on the hours than the days since when you last replaced it.

You can read a more detailed guide to changing different kinds of atomizers here.

Know how to Prime Your Atomizer

Vaping might be the new form of “smoking”, minus all the health problems associated with actual tobacco smoking, but switching to ecigarettes also means having to pay more than your average carton of tobacco cigarettes if you want to maintain your addiction to vaping. Any chain smoker who wishes to switch over to this healthier version of cigarettes would soon discover that retaining his new habit would also mean learning a few useful tips to prolong the life of his ecig for as long as possible if he wants to avoid going broke. One of the most important tricks that a vaper has quickly to get the hang of is a way to prime his atomizer.

Ways to ruin your atomizer

If you are a first timer, trying to figure out what goes where when it comes to the different parts of your ecig, there is a high chance that you would not be familiar with factors that can make or break your ecig. The important thing to remember is that the life of the coil inside your ecig tube depends on a number of aspects such as the level of nicotine, the flavoring agent, color and juice blend, voltage and so on. However, sometimes, bad luck is all one needs to have the coil of one’s ecig burnt to a crisp and worn out within a couple of days. But one of the things that is sure to damage the coil that you vape on is if you do not prime your atomizer right.

Priming your atomizer

Any novice vaper should have the knowledge that the wick present inside the coil of an ecigarette needs to be moistened with e-cig liquid before you start vaping on it. Just replacing the old coil with a new one before taking the first puff, without waiting to wet the cotton or silicon wick inside the coil is the sure way to ruin the life of any ecig. Next, you have to fill up the tube of the ecig with the same e-cig liquid and attach the atomizer back on the battery and make sure that it is screwed on tight. Before you take the first drag by pressing the fire button, it is always advisable that all the air ducts are closed off. While this would prevent any vapor to initially enter your mouth, it is important that you continue trying to pull in through the atty till you taste some of the flavored e-cig juice. This would mean that your atomizer is fully primed and ready to be vaped.

I found this useful page about priming different kinds of atomizers

The Ecigarette ban in Wales

The Cardiff government in Wales has recently banned the use of ecigarettes at the public places in Wales. The decision has been challenged, criticized and supported. Let us have a look at a few facts about ecigarettes and the probable causes behind this decision taken on the Wales government’s part.

What are Ecigarettes and how do they work?

Debates have long ensued regarding whether it is safer to inhale the E-liquid of Ecigarettes than just smoking tobacco. But there is no doubt that Ecigarettes are slowly becoming quite a rage among the smokers who are conscious of the harmful effects of tobacco but have a hard time in giving up puffing altogether.

Ecigarette looks exactly like a normal cigarette. The difference is that there is not tobacco filled in it. The biggest con of lighting tobacco is the smoke and this is where Ecigarettes have an upperhand because they do not burn. It is a battery charged vaporizer consisting of a cartridge that has different flavors and nicotine filled in it. The process of using an Ecigarette is called ‘vaping’. Some of these can be refilled. The costs and features vary.

What could have triggered the banning?

The main reason why this might have happened is that the efficacy of Ecigarettes as a way to quit smoking, has not been proved yet. The national regulatory bodies have not declared Ecigarettes as completely safe products for regular usage. Some medical authorities have expressed concern over the idea that teenagers under 18 may start trying vaping, as a substitute for smoking. The added incentive is that these cigarettes do not leave any smell, so parents have no way of finding out. The Welsh government sticks by their stand that the ban has been declared as part of their program of improving public health and secure the well being of the Welsh people.

How far is the ban justifiable?

As far as reports go, ecigarettes are a good way to curb down the urge of smoking. It has made chain smokers throw away their stubs. Thus, this move on the government’s part may deliver a negative impression about the product and push away potential quitters. They are a safer alternative, any day. The government, however believes that the e-liquid is a form of “gateway drug” and that people should look for an approved method of quitting instead of resorting to the e-liquids.



Get Rid of Vapers’ Tongue

I had left my tobacco days far behind and had started with the lesser evil that is the ecigarettes. In case you did not know what an ecigarette is, it is simply a vaporizer which is battery powered and smokes just like a regular cigarette but minus the tobacco.

What is a Vaper’s Tongue?

If you have been vaping too long, sometimes you may develop a condition called Vaper’s tongue. My tongue started feeling numb and I could not feel the flavour of the ecigarettes anymore. Very soon, I started noticing that I seemed to have lost taste for a lot of food and drinks.My first reaction was to panic. But some internet research revealed that this is quite a natural condition and is temporary. However, I decided to take a few steps just to be cautious.

Why did Vaper’s Tongue happen?

I did some extensive research on what might have triggered my condition. I zeroed in on two causes. One, I had been vaping the same flavour for a really long amount of time. This desensitized my taste buds and as a result, my brain could not process the taste of this e-liquid anymore. The second cause could have been the flu that I was suffering from, at that point of time. With my olfactory nerves being dysfunctional, I had practically lost all my sense of taste and that included the e-liquid flavour too.

Vaper’s Tongue treatments:

The first thing that I started doing was having a lot of water, so that my body does not remain dehydrated at all. Apart from that, I started trying different flavours of the e-liquid, barring my regular one. This included a really strong flavour like cinnamon. It gave a mild jolt to my taste buds and my condition vastly improved. I was wary of a good mouth care routine. But because of this condition, I started taking my brushing and flossing more seriously and that worked wonders too! After every meal, I made it a point to rinse my mouth with a minty mouthwash.

When I consulted a friend, who is also a part-time wine taster, he recommended me to smell coffee beans. The strong aroma revives the smelling sensations and the taste buds start working properly too.

You can get rid of your vaper’s tongue with these simple methods too. Remember, it is not that big a deal and sometimes, just waiting it out will cure it.

EU Vaping Ban Overview

The banning of e cigarettes

In recent times, a lot of people have been switching over to the e cigarettes from the conventional ones owing to the great advantages of it over the previous ones. It is easy to use, healthier and also better for the surrounding people. But thanks to the new Tobacco Products Directive, the e cigs are on the way to being banned and according to the points led down by EU; the companies are also going to stop doing business in Europe.

Now, Sweden has the least number of people suffering from lung cancer and that is because people switching over t the healthier methods of smoking from the cigarettes. The e cigs are also a very good way to avoid smoking tobacco. Now, let us take a look at the plans taken by the EU.

The plans taken by EU

The first requirement of the EU regarding the e cigs is the leak free refilling. EU demands that while refilling the cigs, there should be zero leaks and the refilling should be spill proof. It has however agreed reluctantly not to ban the refillable devices but has also given the member countries power to ban any refillable devices and in case 3member countries ban any device, it will be banned by the EU.

There is also a limitation of liquid capacity. It has limited the capacity of e liquid bottles to 10ml. now, that will increase per ml cost and the prices will increase. It directly discourages the people from using e cigs.

The nicotine content has also been limited to 2%. It is problem for some users who need strong nicotine and most of them require 2.4%. So, they will face problem in using e cigs. Actually smokers can self adjust the nicotine needs according to mood. It is crazy on limiting the nicotine content. Along with that only US/EU based nicotine is to be allowed which will stop the Chinese brands. So, they will shift attention from the European market.

It has also issues regarding the internet sale or cross border sale of e cigs. Anyways, that is most likely to be depending on the Governments of the member countries. The increase of taxes and imposing of these norms will also spread disaster for the small companies. So, the e cig users should stand p against it and stop these bans. If they are applied, more than 697,000 people can return to smoking tobacco which is very harmful.


Is It Polite to Vape Indoors?

In case you were not familiar with the concept of vaping, it is the action of smoking ecigarettes. Ecigarettes or electronic cigarettes have become a rage nowadays, keeping in mind the growing awareness on the health hazards posed by traditional cigarettes. Ecigarettes are all about giving chain smokers the pleasure of satisfying their smoking addiction without their habits telling seriously on their health. Moreover, these electronic cigarettes also eliminate the irritation that non-smokers feel when they are in the company or close proximity with a chain smoker. However, that does not mean that it is always polite to smoke indoors, especially when you are in a public place.

Vaping in movie theatres

It does not matter whether poisonous smoke or water vapor is coming out of the end of your cigarette; it is never polite to light up any form of cigarettes when you are watching a movie in a movie theatre. First of all, there are about a hundred other people present there and secondly, they have all paid good money to enjoy smoke/vapor free theatre experience. Vaping inside a movie theatre is just plainly being selfish without thinking twice about ruining movie-going experience for everyone, including people who smoke.

Vaping in school premises

School premises are a strict no-no when it comes to vaping. It is true that you are technically not smoking, but that does not mean that you are promoting a healthy image for school-going children. Both teachers as well as parents should abstain from vaping within the school premises. While it falls under the duty of teachers to induce good habits in children, for they look up to their teachers, parents should also keep it in their minds that PTA meetings are not the time to give in to their vaping cravings.

Fogging up public toilets

People who are new to switching over to ecigarettes from normal ones are mostly ex-smokers who do not want to admit openly that instead of “quitting” their smoking habit, they have simply transferred onto a healthier option. To evade notice, they prefer to duck into a public restroom to satisfy their vaping needs. This would have been fine if vaping at closed spaces did not fill up that space with an abnormal amount of fog or vapor. While the vapor or fog might not be harmful to someone’s health, it surely might seem extremely alarming to someone who comes immediately after you have filled a restroom with fog. The last thing you want is your colleague mistaking the fog for smoke and pulling on the fire alarm!


My Favourite Vaping Shops

One of the strongest alternatives for chain smokers is ecigarettes that is slowly finding strong footing in the market all over the world. The fact that these smoke-free electronic cigarettes are easily available in many online stores has made them very popular among smokers who are looking to switch from smoking to vaping. Some of these stores stand out due to the attractive deals that they have to offer, while other do so by introducing more varieties and brands of the ecigarettes than any other stores. Here is a look of some of the go-to stores for buying ecigarettes:


While this online store had a humble beginning, it has quickly grown to become one of the most established online marketers of ecigarettes. It does not matter if you are new to the concept of vaping and are only looking to try it out by purchasing a startup kit or you are familiar with all the nitty-gritty of this technology. Everything from beginner’s kit to all the equipment that you need to specially customize your ecigarettes can be found in this store.

Vapor Joes

If you are looking to score some pocket-saving deals on ecigarettes, this online store is the place to be. This store is specially designed for serious vapers who can’t get enough of their daily dose of ecigarettes. This no-hassle online store is all about getting you incredible deals on ecigarettes that you cannot get anywhere else on the internet. If you don’t happen to like the deals offered on any particular day, you can always come back the next day and make your purchase as they keep updating the number of deals on a daily basis.

Planet of the Vapes

This is an ultimate destination both for vapers and people who want to learn about the vaping community. This website acts as an inspiring forum, relaying information for the beginners as well as an online store where people can browse through several varieties of ecigarettes and buy the one they like. This forum and store is available for people living in the United States and the United Kingdom. What makes this store unique is the inclusion of an open forum within a marketing website. This helps one to clear all his doubts regarding vaping, before he blindly purchases an ecigarette, by participating in the discussion with fellow vapers on this exclusive website. Such forums also contribute towards spreading the message of vaping as the healthy substitution to tobacoo smoking.